3M™ Thread Sealant 4291

Rugged water-based thread sealant designed to withstand the harshest engine environments

3M™ Thread Sealant 4291 is a water-based product designed to be pre-applied to threaded fasteners. It has excellent resistance to automotive fluids and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Typical applications are threaded fasteners for the engine compartment.


  • Environmental resistance to heat and automotive fluids
  • Can be used on both pipe and straight heads
  • Extended shelf life (12 months on coated fasteners)
  • Water-based sealants with no VOCs
Performance Results
  • Toluene (room temperature): No leaks
  • Gasoline (room temperature): No leaks
  • Motor oil (300°F/149°C): No leaks
  • Transmission fluid (300°F/149°C): No leaks
  • Anti-freeze (266°F/130°C): No leaks
  • Brake fluid (300°F/149°C): No leaks
  • Diesel fuel #2 (room temperature): No leaks
  • Hot water (200°F/93°C): No leaks
  • Gasoline (room temperature): 150 psi / no leaks
  • Motor oil (300°F/149°C): 150 psi / no leaks
  • Transmission fluid (300°F/149°C): 150 psi / no leaks
  • Anti-freeze (266°F/130°C): 150 psi / no leaks
  • Hot water (200°F/93°C): 150 psi / no leaks
  • 1200+ psi (84+ kg/cm): No leaks
  • Automotive
3M™ Thread Sealant 4291

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