NYPLAS® from Nylok – Seals Immediately

There is no need for gasket seals or sealant compounds or any other time-consuming in-house assembly sealants. NYPLAS® from Nylok Corporation is a plastisol (PVC) material coating pre-applied under the heads of fasteners, rivetnuts, pop-style rivets and double-ended flange screws to seal out water, moisture, dust and air.

In addition to dampening noises and rattles, NYPLAS® also eliminates the leak path under the head, is reusable, non-toxic and assembler friendly. It has excellent shelf life, is effective in working temperatures of -40ºF to 300ºF (-40ºC to 150ºC) and will not shrink or dry out with age. The black-colored sealant also meets major automotive manufacturers’ specifications. Nylok Corporation—a leading supplier of value-added fastener products—is a member of the Marmon Group of companies. It holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company and has built a reputation throughout the world for “INNYVATION” in developing new products that solve assembly challenges.