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Mechanical Locking

Nylok’s mechanical locking products (nylon patch, pellet, and strip) provide both an immediate and reusable self-locking feature for a variety of threaded fastener types, platings, and finishes specially designed for screws, bolts, nuts, etc. These cost effective, chemical resistant processes deliver advantages in consistency and precision over traditional user-applied threadlockers. These benefits along with thread-sealing capabilities provide an excellent solution for loosening due to vibration and stress. Also referred to as Prevailing Torque Locking…a dry material is bonded to the threads of a fastener or nut which acts as a “wedge” when installed in the mating part. This “wedge” creates friction between the mating parts preventing them from vibrating loose. No cure time is required can be adjusted at any time and mechanical lockers are reusable. Nylok’s developed the process in 1942 and has been improving since. Nylok’s Mechanical Locking products are Patch, Pellet and Strip.