NyShield® For Electrical Isolation

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Nylok found a market need for a fastener coating that will isolate voltages in traditional ICE vehicles as well as hybrids and EV’s. This product has good dielectric strength, and allows for voltage management in a cost effective way.

Dielectric Strength Test Results

Third party testing shows high dielectric strength of NyShield® (indicates electrical barrier strength)

1,500 volts/mil indicates that a NyShield® coating can survive this voltage prior to breakdown for every 0.001” of coating thickness


  • NyShield® provides an electrical barrier when applied to fasteners
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Exceptional chemical resistance (fuel, including diesel, oils, transmission fluids, cleaners, etc.)

Technical Data

  • Color – black
  • Low clamp load loss at temperatures up to 125ºc
  • Uniform thickness (100-150 micron typical)
  • ASTM D3359-09 tape adhesion before and after ASTM D1735-14 humidity test (240 hrs)