External Temporary Retention Coating

Nystay® customized fastener retention solution allows the fastener to be held in place during production and transport without affecting the end assembly. Nystay® retention coating eliminates parts and process steps which allows for faster assembly.

A pre-applied assembly retention element that aids in keeping a variety of threaded and non-threaded fasteners temporarily in place. Durable and chemical resistant, yet soft enough to allow manual installation, this product can significantly increase assembly speed by staging fastener assemblies before final installation. Since many of these fasteners cannot be seated to prevent them from vibrating loose a small flexible ring can be applied to hold them in place until they are being shipped and/or assembled. Nylok’s Nystay® product is a proven solution to increasing assembly speed.


  • Reusable
  • Can be applied to both threaded and unthreaded fasteners
  • Temporarily holds fastener in place during fabrication, assembly and transportation
  • Soft enough to allow hand assembly
  • Speeds assembly time

Technical Data

  • Color — green (special colors available upon request)
  • Temperature Range -40 C (-40 F) to +66 C (+150 F)
  • Shelf-Life indefinite


download file icon Nystay® RoHS / WEEE Compliance Material Declaration for Nylok Nystay®

Manufacturing Specs