Chemical Locking

Nylok’s pre-applied chemical locking products offer advantages over traditional user-applied threadlockers providing more consistency and precision for both high strength and medium strength applications. These two-part epoxy processes help eliminate user error providing an easy to install, dry-to-the-touch coating that accurately cures upon installation of the threaded fastener joint. Additionally our dual microencapsulation offer the longest on-part shelf life in the industry. Chemical Locking utilizes Microencapsulation Technology. Very small capsules (size of sand) of basic resin and hardener are encapsulated and flow coated on the threads utilizing a third resin which is evaporated off leaving a dry to the touch coating. During assembly the capsules are crushed, mix and cure in about 8 hours leaving an epoxy type bond. Chemical lockers allow for disassembly but not recommended for reuse. These are a direct replacement for the liquid applied thread lockers and are more cost effective reducing labor cost and improving quality since each part has the same amount in the proper location which can be verified before parts reach the production floor. There are several strength levels available depending on the requirements of the application. Nylok’s Chemical Locking product lines include Precote® which is the best in class (has the longest on part shelf life…4 years) and ND Microspheres® Epoxy.