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Precote® 85

High-Strength & Heat-Resistant Thread Coating with Controlled Torque / Tension

PRECOTE® 85 are varnish-like, solvent free coating systems based on microencapsulated acrylates for sealing and locking of threaded parts. The dried film is tack-free, non sticky and can be used in all kind of assembly procedures. Its characteristics as a locking and sealing element become effective only when the capsules are ruptured by shear and pressure stress and the adhesive is allowed to cure.


  • High–torque performance
  • Environmental resistance to heat, automotive fluids, thermal and mechanical shock and vibrations
  • Longest shelf life in the industry
  • Complies with or exceeds major OEM specifications
  • Can be applied on external and internal threaded fasteners

Technical Data

  • Color — turquoise (special colors available upon request)
  • Thread Friction Value > 0.10 – 0.15
  • Curing Time (RT) 8 hours (an additive of “-3” will reduce to 2 hours)
  • Temperature Range: -50 C (-58 F) to +170 C (+338 F)
  • Shelf-Life 4 years at room temperature
  • For small thread crest (less than 1 mm an additive of “-8” can be added to increased performance)


download file icon Precote® 85 RoHS / WEEE Compliance Material Declaration for Nylok Precote® 85

Manufacturing Specs


(*GMW14657 A)
(**GMW14657 B)
(***GMW14657 C)
(Appoved 6/25/20)
MS-CC76 (Type A)
MS-CC76 (Type B)
MS-CC76 (Type C)
Detroit DeiselRES10432
(Per GV 10/20/14)
DINDIN 267 Part 27
OtherAllied Signal WI-504
American Axle PS-2365
BMW DIN 267 Part 27
British Leyland BLS 22.FP.01
Burman & Sons QC/1007
Citroen B 141 230
Land Rover RES.22.FP.01
Mercedes-Benz DBL8830
Perkins Diesel PMS P1.02
Peugoet B 141 230
Porsche 1230
Renault 39.02.010
Meritor Q29
Talbot B 141 230
VW 601 05
VW Audi DIN 267