ND Microspheres® Epoxy

ND Microspheres Epoxy is a pre-applied process in which microencapsulated, epoxy based, room temperature curing threadlocking adhesives are applied to male or female threaded fasteners of virtually all sizes, configurations, materials and finishes.


  • Under typical conditions, have a fixture time of 4 hours with a full cure in 72 hours.
  • It is recommended that ND Microspheres Epoxy processed parts are not reused.
  • Typically the first one to three threads from the end of the fasteners are left free of material to assure ease of starting.
  • Shelf life of un-activated part is 2 years when stored in a dry, cool environment.


  • Versatile: ND Microspheres Epoxy processing is compatible with most fastener sizes, configurations, materials and finishes.
  • Resists Chemicals: Processed parts resist and seal against most automotive fluids. Oil, water, antifreeze, and gasoline have virtually no effect on performance once the final cure has been achieved.
  • Low Prevailing On Torque: Compared to patch threadlockers, ND Microspheres Epoxy fasteners have a lower on torque and assemble easily with common hand tools.
  • On-Part Life: Materials used for ND Microspheres Epoxy processing will remain inert until a cure is activated by thread engagement.
  • Surpasses IFI Standards: ND Microspheres Epoxy processed parts meet or exceed all torque requirements of IFI 125, IFI 525, as well as automotive adhesive coated fastener performance specifications.

Manufacturing Specs

Particular variations of the ND Microspheres Epoxy process meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:

Spec ForSpec NumberND ProcessND Material
American Axel MFG.MS-2408ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Axletech InternationalSTF 02-450ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Bendix (Allied Signal)ES-1821ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
BobcatMS119ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Bosch NormN 38 AND Microspheres Epoxy593SB
Caterpillar1E2486ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Dana642ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
DanaES-PS-0614ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
DanaPS-612ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Detroit Diesel80K15ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
DINDIN 267 Part 27ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
EatonPS-005ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Fiat ChryslerMS-CC76 Type A & CND Microspheres EpoxyEpoxy series
Fiat ChryslerPF-6616ND Microspheres EpoxyEpoxy series
FordESA-M2G200-AND Microspheres Epoxy593SB
FordESB-M2G200-BND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
FordESS-M11P24-A1ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
FordESS-M11P24-A2ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 1193S
FordWSS-M11P45-A1ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 593DPC
FordWX-200ND Microspheres Epoxy593S (Green)
General MotorsGM6175MND Microspheres Epoxy593S,1193S, 294S
General MotorsGME00151ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 294S
General MotorsGMW14657BND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 1193S, 294S
Harley DavidsonEG805-34900ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 1193S
Hyundai/KIAMS-721-39ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
IFIIFI-125ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
IFIIFI-525ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
John DeereRES 10432ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-29ND Microspheres Epoxy593S YELLOW
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-43ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
SteelcaseES 3-86-29AND Microspheres Epoxy593SB
TRWTMS-P-10559ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
TRWTPS-C-20,089ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S