Precote® 19-2

PRECOTE® 19-2 is a nonreactive coating that provides positive locking when no breakaway torque is required. The coating is dry, tack-free, with good adherence and can be used in all kind of assembly procedures. PRECOTE® 19-2 is used as a coating for assembly components e.g., screws and studs in cylindrical/cylindrical pairing, where controlled and high initial installation torque for adjustment is needed. PRECOTE® 19-2 can be used as securing device against the loosening through vibration or for transportation.


  • Locks immediately after assembly
  • Constant assembly properties
  • Dry to the touch coating
  • Can be applied to metallic and non metallic surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance

Technical Data

  • Color — red / colorless
  • Thread Friction Value > 0.18 – 0.23
  • Temperature Range: -60°C (-75°F) to +90°C (+195°F)
  • Shelf-Life 4 years at max. 30°C and max. 65% relative humidity