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NYSEAL® Eliminates O-Rings, Gasket Seals and Sealant Compounds

The green-colored pre-applied NYSEAL® sealing element from Nylok Corporation eliminate the time-consuming in-house application of O-rings, gasket seals and sealant compounds by creating a gasket-like seal at pressures up to 500 psi. The coating is permanently fused on the bearing surface of the fasteners, eliminates the leak path and will not work loose. As the screw is seated to its final position against the mating part, the NYSEAL® element compresses slightly and fills the void under the bearing surface of the head and countersink or bore.

It prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar materials, is highly durable and will not shrink or dry out from age. Fasteners treated with NYSEAL® are reusable and will not work loose. NYSEAL® also works in temperatures up to 150ºF (66ºC) and is resistant to chemicals like alcohol, gasoline, oil, kerosene, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluids. It requires no additional curing or heating after installation. Nylok, a member of the Marmon Group of companies, holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company and has built a reputation throughout the world for “INNYVATION” in developing new products that solve assembly challenges.