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Precote® Top 300

Precote® Top 300 Thread Lubricant

Precote® Top 300 is a coating based on wax. It lowers the thread forming values during assembly, prevents stick slip as well as galling and enables higher clamp loads with equal tightening torque. Precote® Top 300 is specially developed for thread-forming screws. It is applied partially on the thread forming area. Depending on the thread size Precote® Top 300 is used in a dilution with a maximum of 1 part of water. The coating can be used in all kind of assembly procedures, particularly for serial production. Areas of application are electronics, two wheel and automotive industry, household appliances, office machines, computer industry, electric motors, e-mobility, etc.


  • Reduces thread-forming values
  • Avoids stick slip and galling
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Constant assembly properties
  • Meets VDA coefficient of friction requirements
  • Can be applied to metallic and non-metallic surfaces

Technical Data

  • Color: yellow
  • Thread friction value2 μThread: 0,09 – 0,15 depending on dilution
  • Thread forming value (e.g. Ford WSS-M21P27A4): < 20 Nm