Thread Protection/Masking

Nylok’s pre-applied thread protection/masking products eliminate the need for labor-intensive, costly methods including user-applied caps, plugs, tapes, thread chasing, etc. These processes are perfectly suited to protect against and eliminate the adhesion of electro-deposited primers, coatings, weld spatter, etc. on both internal and external threaded fasteners, while also offering increased lubricity reducing installation friction and tension scatter. Ecoat is used in many manufacturing operations and is very effective in preventing premature rusting of metals however Ecoat is very thick and when allowed to bond to threads makes it very tough to assemble. To prevent Ecoat and/or weld spatter from adhering to the threads a Teflon like coating is applied to the threads. This thread masking prevents any adhesion and allows for easy assemble. Nylok’s Nycote® products are the only products that prevents both Ecoat build up in the threads and weld spatter protection.