NySeal® 2.0

The King of Under Head Sealants

NySeal® 2.0 is durable and meets sealing requirements after multiple installations. NySeal® 2.0 allows for setting a more consistent tightening strategy, since the material does not squeeze out of the joint/application.

Meets: SAEJ200M6BG910A14Z1Z2Z3Z4Z5Z6

  • Z1: Nylok NySeal 2.0
  • Z2: Material: Polyacrylate (purple)
  • Z3: Hardness: Median hardness 62 shore D (approx. 95 shore A) per ASTM D2240
  • Z4: Volume swell in IRM 903 oil at 100 c for 70hrs: <15% per ASTM D471
  • Z5: Elongation: 30-50% per ASTM D412
  • Z6: Minimum tensile strength: 14MPA per ASTM D412
NySeal 2.0 logo

NYSEAL® 2.0 — 1x Installation Test

See the videos below NySeal® 2.0 material staying intact after installation as competitor material squeezes out.

The fasteners were installed to an electroplated zinc steel washer.


  • Reusable (does not squeeze out of joint). Number of reuses depends on application.
  • Allows for setting a more consistent tightening strategy
  • Minimal clamp load loss
  • Compatible when in contact with plastics (no crazing)

Technical Data

  • Color: purple
  • Temperature range: -60˚C (-76˚F) to 150˚C (302˚F).  Note: Product can withstand higher temperatures for short durations  i.e. e-coat process cycle 177˚C (350˚F) /30 mins typical
  • Resistant to many automotive chemicals: power steering fluid, antifreeze, motor oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze/coolant
  • Can be applied to virtually any headed fastener