PRECOTE® 85: Better Controlled Torque-Tension Than Any Other Adhesive

Because it offers better controlled torque-tension than any other adhesive, pre-applied PRECOTE® 85 from Nylok Corporation provides superior locking for cylinder head, power train and other high-stressed threaded bolts with controlled friction.

Fast-curing turquoise colored PRECOTE® 85—one of several PRECOTE® chemical adhesives from Nylok—is resistant to temperatures from -58ºF (-50ºC) to 300ºF (150ºC) and can be applied on screws, studs and non-standard parts as well as on thread plugs and pipe threads. Maximum strength is achieved within six hours at room temperature, and there is no uncontrolled post curing, even after repeated temperature exposure.

As the industry’s only duo-microencapsulated thread adhesives, PRECOTE® will not prematurely harden due to chemical reactions of moisture and/or solvent penetration. The adhesives are particularly ideal for automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and other high technology industries since they eliminate the need for additional locking devices and significantly reduce labor costs by eliminating in-house application of adhesives, which is often messy and inconsistent.

In addition to being approved by all automotive manufacturers in the United States, PRECOTE® is the leading pre-applied adhesive in Europe. The Nylok line includes PRECOTE® 5 for thread sealing only; PRECOTE® 30 where lower strength and easy removal are required, and PRECOTE® 80 with temperature resistance up to 340°F. Nylok, a member of the Marmon Group of companies, holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company and has built a reputation throughout the world for “INNYVATION” in developing new products that solve assembly challenges.